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GC, GP, RW Sineglazka Bugsy
GC, GP, RW Sineglazka Bugsy / Photographer: François Akers














Just a little about us….

Hi!  We’re Jan and Francois and we’ve shown, loved, and bred Siberian cats for over 10 years.  Jan got her first show alter in 2008 and her first show/breeding boy in 2011. We got our first female in 2016 (busy with kids and dogs so didn’t have the time to commit to breeding the cats ourselves).  Our first litter came late 2017 and are very excited about a lovely torbie girl we’ve kept.  We met in 1998 and co-owned their first Siberian cat together in 2002.  No allergy issues here but Francois didn’t like cats when I met him so we went looking for a cat he “liked”, he was of course drawn to the “forest cat” style and we settled on the Siberian.  We found them quite difficult to find, then we settled in for the long wait for our first baby.  He’s since passed away but he was immediately drawn to Francois and changed his mind about cats.

Over the years I’ve shown over 10 grand champions and 5 Regional Siberian cat Winners in CFA and just ventured into TICA and got a Supreme Grand Champion with a high Regional Win on our boy Frankie. Frankie just missed out on an International win. We also have 3 human children who help socialize our kittens and puppies and 4 Samoyed dogs (who we also show).  We are located in NE Ohio and would be happy to chat with you about our kitties.


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